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    These rules address the behavior expected from everyone on the forums. Violation of these rules will result in a suspended, blocked, or banned profile. We may change or update these rules as the forums begin to grow. Please be mindful of these rules and have fun!

    1. Do not post personal ads. Please do that on other forums or social media.

    2. Please be polite! Posts with name calling, insults, profanity, racial slurs, trolling, flaming, attacking, or harassing will be taken down and will result in a banned profile.

    3. If you disagree with someone, respond in a polite manner. We do not mean to offend anyone and hope that our community does the same.

    4. If someone asks the good people of Comic Hero University a question, then we will try and answer as soon as we can. Please be patient while waiting for a response. Please give us time to respond before you try and get our attention again.

    5. Do not create multiple accounts. One account is all you need. If we find multiple accounts for one person, then we will delete them all.

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