A few years ago, I opened a comic shop and ultimately had to walk away from that place. Walking away, I thought I was giving up on my dream to have my own comic book store. A few months later, I realized at that time I was already on the road to building what would become Comic Hero University.

I’ve met a number of challenges in getting this business to where it is now – moving locations, bureaucracy, people that didn’t want to see this business succeed – but through all these challenges, the business has been able to persevere because of people like you, my fellow Heroes!

I received a phone call from OC Weekly saying that Comic Hero University was nominated as one of the top comic book stores in Orange County and that voting was open to the public. Considering the major competition on the ballot, I didn’t think we stood a chance. But I was wrong.

It seems that all the work put into this great little store has paid off since my fellow Heroes voted us as the best over major stores like Beachball, Phat’s, and Comics Toons N Toys. I am completely overwhelmed with love for you all and I cannot express how I feel about being chosen as the best by you!

I cannot take all the credit for this mighty victory. There are so many people that have had a hand in helping me get this place to where it is now. Mike Beggs, Jamie Scheel, Jonathan Rudder, Kenny Hardy, Katar Intarchote, Joshua Searcy, Paul Carrillo, Joey Lopez, Jason Woodward and his human army, Lee Krause, Eric Reust, Joshua Voelker, Ian Foreman, and many, many more that I apologize for not listing here. I could write paragraphs about each of these individuals but will instead simply say: Thank you, thank you, A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU!

It’s been a great year. We’ve got so much coming your way that we hope to make our second year even greater. Thank you, fellow Heroes, for choosing Comic Hero University as your comic book store for 2013. We hope we remain your comic book store by the year 3013 where I’ll be encased in a robot body so I can serve you until the end of time!


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